Dr. Ryu offers a new Robotics course in Spring 2018

Dr. Ryu offers a new Robotics course in Spring 2018.

MEEN/CSCE 689 Special Topic: Advanced Robotics – Modeling and Control of Redundant Robot Manipulators

This course focuses on the redundancy of robotic systems. Topics include 1) motion and force control using conventional joint-space formulation, 2) operational-space formulation of robot manipulators, and 3) kinematic/mechanics models of the hyper-redundant continuum robot, surgical robot, and soft robot manipulators.

Student Evaluation

  • Homework: Students will read several “historic” papers contributed to the foundation of Robotics.
  • Exam: There will be one mid-term exam but no final.
  • Project: Students will build mathematical models for a selected redundant robots, do MATLAB simulation studies, and write a technical report. There will be a final presentation.

If interested, please enroll in the course (MEEN 689-Section 605 or CSCE 689-Section 610) now.

Advanced Robotics Course Flyer

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