Mechanics of auxetics
This research aims to design a smart customizable structure with negative Poisson’s ratio, whose structural properties can be tuned by modifying design parameters to achieve the desired mechanical behavior for specific applications.

Theoretical studies
Experimental studies

Robotic catheters and innovative medical treatments
The objective of this research is to develop a new class of intelligent robotic catheters, which are composed of sensorized tendons and a laser-machined cannula with embedded joints enabling distal flexion of the tool-tip. This robotic catheter can provide local tip-force/tissue information, as well as temperature, during insertion. Innovative medical treatments employing the developed system will be explored.

Sensorized tendons
Embedded joints

Robotic endoscopy
The objective of this research is to develop a miniature robotic stereo-endoscope, which has a potential impact on minimally invasive surgery of infants, piglets, cats, puppies, and the cerebrum and other structures of the brain. This intelligent endoscopy will provide navigation and tracking capabilities, as well as 3D optical image reconstruction.

Robotic endoscopy

Soft robotics
This research aims to develop and provide a soft robotics educational kit to K-12 and college students, not only to elevate their interest in robotics but also to develop their aptitude towards the novel field of soft robotics.

Anthropomorphic Soft Composite Finger With Adjustable Joint Stiffness