Principal Investigator

Dr. Seok Chang Ryu

Assistant Professor
219 Mechanical Engineering Office Building
3123 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-3123
Tel. 979.845.5243     Fax. 979.845.3081

Graduate Students


Frank Greenhalgh (ME, Texas A&M, Aug 2016 – Present)


Zaryab Shahid (ME, Texas A&M, Aug 2016 – Present)


Undergraduate Students

Immanuel Ponminissery (MEEN Class of 2020, Texas A&M)

Visiting Scholars

Alumni with degree

Alumni without degree

Shengwei Chen (ME, Texas A&M, Spring 2016 – Summer 2017)
Kelly Sigmund (ME, Texas A&M, Fall 2016)
Miguel Hoffmann (ME, Texas A&M, Undergraduate Research Scholars, Spring 2016 – Fall 2016)
Krystopher Bryce Terreri (ME, Texas A&M, Summer 2016 – Fall 2016)
Jadha Gunawan (ME, Texas A&M, Summer 2016 – Fall 2016)
Kevin Oh (ME, Texas A&M, Summer 2016)
Nicole Lemieux (EE, Texas A&M, Fall 2016)
Samir Hassen (ME, Texas A&M, Fall 2016)
Apurva Patil (Summer Internship 2016, S.N. Bose Scholar, College of Engineering Pune, India)