Robotic endoscopy

Graduate Research Assistant: Frank Greenhalgh

Undergraduate Research Assistant: Sudikshya Bhandari, Nicole Lemieux, Amy Li

Principle Investigator: Dr. Ryu

             Miniaturization of surgical instruments such as endoscopes has a potential impact on minimally invasive surgery of infants, piglets, cats, puppies, and the cerebrum and other structures of the brain.  Endoscopy research is an interest of many academics who are looking to minimize invasive damage and apply modern computer vision algorithms to benefit surgeons.  Active research in the area includes miniaturization of robotic arms, and virtual reality and surgical device tracking enhancements. Our research currently in this field, focuses on computer and mechanical engineering of stereo camera and arm systems to provide a virtual environment of the inside of an organism.  

Robotic Endoscopy Team

Robotic Endoscopy Team